About Us

“Slow and green fashion” is our brand’s philosophy to provide a viable option for people having a good dress sense and transforming the mind to benefit our planet.

We do not do bulk production.

All of our garments are well-made and durable. Size is tailor-made through individual orders that are shipped directly to the client. No extra cost, excessive production.

Slow fashion does not mean forsaking new trends;

it just means selecting high-quality garments made of environmental friendly materials. Choose the best quality clothing, wear your custom-fitted garments daily and buy the ones you NEED & LOVED as they will stay in your closet and will not lose their charm for a long time. Do not let your old and unpacked clothes end up at the dumpster. Our solution is cost-effective and is also ecological.
Here, no minimum quantity, order one garment with tailored size as well as stitching with a simple but unique embroidery.

Just try and you’ll get addicted to it.