Cashmere Story


Love CASHMERE? So do we!

Do you love CASHMERE? So do we! At Z+Bespoke, every season is cashmere season. We focus on delivering a thoughtful, curated collection in luminous colors and an array of styles for both ladies and gents. We want you to live in cashmere. That is precisely the reason we use only the highest quality raw material to achieve the unique beauty defining bespoke style. Every piece is meant to be traveled in, enjoyed, and worn year after year.

Cashmere is a personal affair. So, when you visit our website, we put effort into showing you the best of ourselves. We will help you to find that perfect style, we will style your entire outfit, and we will nod in agreement when you tell us that there is nothing like wearing Z+Bespoke cashmere. Because there truly isn’t.



The term ‘cashmere’ was initially coined in the 16th Century and was used to describe the shawl spun by Kashmiri craftsmen on the SILK ROUTE bound for India.

In the 18th Century, cashmere shawls started being exported to the West, especially to Britain and France. It first arrived in Paris and quickly became the most sought-after fabric and became the status symbol of the day. Cashmere was subsequently established as a luxurious modern-day fabric.

Where is CASHMERE from?

Cashmere comes from the fleece of the Cashmere goat, found in Inner Mongolia of China, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Cashmere comes from the Cashmere goat, and the hair is sheared off annually in early spring and is similar to the process of taking wool from a sheep. The fibers, which are longer, smoother, finer, and straighter than sheep’s wool, are removed with a comb from the goat, then spun into a filament ready for weaving or knitting.

There are 7 factors why we choose cashmere:

When do we go for CASHMERE?
Far from being the winter fabric that many people think it is, cashmere is, in fact, an all-year-round friend in spring and all seasons. It is really a good material that makes you feel cooler to the touch, superior to cotton or wool.